Blood Clots, Stroke and Widespread Concern

Blood Clots, Stroke and Widespread Concern.  


This past week Dr John Campbell, an English medical professional who barely manages to dodge mainstream censorship, posted a video walking viewers through the cases of three individuals who experienced fatal strokes following the covid mRNA vaccine.
The specific characteristics presented pertained to 'cerebral ischemia’, otherwise known as acute brain injury due to impaired blood flow.


And there was ONE LITTLE WORD used in the medical report that sent online viewers over the edge, as indicated in the explosion of comments speaking to experiences resulting from what has been termed 'the clot shot'.


That word was:



It was apparent that no matter which side of the fence viewers were on, referring to serious adverse reactions as ‘rare’, was a slap to the face of the countless individuals who have been injured OR have had friends, family members and beloved partners affected.  


Thousands of comments were shared. Here are just a few,


“My brother had a stroke, the other brother heart attack and now turbo cancers everywhere – it’s mind blowing how nobody is being told the truth.” @nicholarasdale79


“My dad had his first stroke exactly three days after his second shot, the same day mum broke out in severe shingles. They went to the doctor together.” @hopebear06


“I am 45 years old, competitive rower, 36 hours after reeiving the vaccine, I had a stroke.” @jeanpauljeanpaul2530


“Had a mild stroke after two shots of Moderna. Told its coincidence.” @skinny1968


“I’ve known too many that have had strokes in the last 2 years, family and friends.” @SharonHenderson7777  


What Is A Blood Clot and Why Are They Dangerous?

Blood clots are gel-like clumps of blood which make most of us squirm at the very mention or thought. And while some help a wound to heal, others are the dangerous kind which form within the arteries or veins and increase the likelihood of a serious stroke that can lead to bodily damage, disability or death.  


Whether a full-blown stroke or a “mini stroke”—otherwise known as a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)—both are just as serious.


The American Heart Assocation stated that a mini-stroke can more accurately be described as a “warning stroke”, with an average 1 in 5 people having a full-blown stroke within three months following a TIA.


Statistics demonstrate that the prevalence of strokes have skyrocketed the past few years, not only due to stress and inactivity, but also what research has shown may be due to the covid mRNA vaccine.


Dr Zelenko did not beat around the bush in his interviews when it came to this topic,


 “Anyone who unfortunately took the vaccine is at a much higher risk of blood clots”, he stated in an interview with Dr Bryan Ardis.  


He further went on to state,  


”There is an over-the-counter substance called N-acetylcysteine or NAC, and it’s a powerful substance that [helps to reduce the risk of] blood clots”, which he recommends for people who have "been vaccinated" or have a "high risk of blood clots".


Z-Dtox™ and Z-Shield™ To Reduce The Risk of Stroke  

This is one of the reasons why Dr Zelenko chose the supplement NAC as one of the TOP INGREDIENTS in Z-Dtox™ and Z-Shield™ as it may be an effective way to help reduce the risk of blood clots from forming.


The Difference Between Z-Dtox™ and Z-Shield™

Both Z-Dtox™ and Z-Shield™ are very similar in their purpose, with additional ingredients included in Z-Shield™ in order to help support a healthy nervous system and mind. Consider Z-Shield™ one step up from Z-Dtox™!


Z-Dtox™ contains a powerful and all-natural blend of: Vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, NAC and EGCG.

Z-Shield™ contains an all-in-one blend of vitamin D, zinc, lemon balm, St John’s wort, NAC, EGCG and Turmeric.


Specific to NAC, Z-Dtox contains 300 milligrams (mg) of NAC in every serving based on two capsules per serving. And Z-Shield contains 600 milligrams (mg) of NAC in every serving based on three capsules per serving.


Other Ways To Reduce The Risk of Stroke

In addition to getting daily exercise, staying well hydrated, eating more fruits and vegetables, quiting smoking and decreasing alchol consumption, here are lesser known ways which research has shown may help to decrease the risk of stroke—all of which include increasing circulation!


Cayenne Pepper:

A powerful, all-natural blood thinner which helps stimulate blood flow throughout the circulatory system, studies have shown a pinch of cayenne pepper in warm water with lemon may help to reduce inflammation and increase circulation, thereby decreasing the risk of blood clots and strokes.


Ginger Root:

Studies have shown that ginger root may help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of blood from clotting. This helps support heart conditions where blood vessels may become blocked. Ginger root can be made into a soothing tea with a touch of honey.


Citrus Fruits: A good source of vitamins and minerals, citrus fruits such as grapefruit, oranges, tangerines, lemon and limes also contain flavonoids packed with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which may help protect the body from blood clots and stroke.


In Summary

With so much fear and uncertainty circulating, this is a time for us to once again remind everyone of the most important words perhaps ever spoken by great healers throughout history,  




So whether healing from an injury or disease, or wanting to protect the body and support the body in getting healthier than ever before, these are the words to remember. Write them down and post them on your fridge or bathroom mirror. Share them with friends and family. Then start taking immediate steps to support the body in cleansing, healing and repair.



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Look after yourself.

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